Vera Anja


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The expression of the feminine essence with movement, colors, sounds and by being is created in a safe space, where transformation and empowerment takes place in the sacred sisterhood.

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The journey of discovering the depth of being a woman brought me to many wise teachers, such as Monika Nataraj in the Shakti Spirit, where I became a sacred dance and Goddess ritual teacher. Since 2015 I facilitate woman groups and menstrual cycles, where I include the initiations of womb-blessing (Miranda Grey) and rites of the Munay-Ki. In South America, I experienced many medicine women gatherings and Moondance.

My faszination of bodywork brought me a varation of healing methods with Theta Healing, Aura-Reading, Aqualit, Tantra, Shiatsu, Footreflexology, Acess bars and as a Reiki Master. Possibility Management gives me profound keys for transformation in the coaching work. In Asia, especially in the Himalaya in India and in the tantric community on Koh Phangan, I recieved great teachings of Amma (Sri Mata Amritananda Mayi) and Sri Prem Baba (Brasilien). Since 2012 Hatha Yoga (Teacher diplom with Samma Karuna) is part of my daily pracitse and included in many workshops. I love to open my voice and sing from my heart.